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Our Apple repair experts are specialized in Apple computers, MacBook Pro 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017 MacBook Air 2019, iMacs Screen repair and upgrades, Apple Mac mini 2017 to 2022.

Loosing your data can be very distressing, whether it's your personal or work data. We can recover your MacBook 2018, MacBook 2019, MacBook 2020, MacBook 2021 and 2022 data from any Apple computer  even Apple MacBook Retina 12'' 2016 or later year!  MacBooks data recovery is very difficult to recuperate as they have built-in soldered SSDs chip on the Logic Board. The Apple company made those MacBooks almost impassable to repair. Our engineers keep finding different ways to fix and recover all the Apple MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, MacBook Retina, Mac mini, iMac 27" as well if they are setup as fusion data recovery.


Water damage Apple MacBook Pro or any Mac computer:

Spillage happens and your Apple MacBook falls victim, little of water or tea can damage your Apple computer. Many  users in Montreal tries to repair their MacBooks by searching on Google on how to repair their Mac at home! After encounter is such as bad idea. Many of our client's bring their Apple MacBook Air or Pro after putting it in rice or attempt to open the MacBook cover which resulted to physical damages. If you follow those over 10million hits on google, you will most probably loose your MacBook Pro or retina or will probably cost you triple from the original repair. Even if your MacBook Air starts again in couple of days, it will most probably stop working in a week or months due to corrosion extend. The Logic boards are designed with a high quality boards, the downside of liquid spilled on your MacBook Pro is the corrosion buildup. The logic board corrosion cases can expands by time (just like the car batteries) and damage your logic board (like acid) capacitors or will rust your MacBook touchpad where there is metal.

MacBook Water Damage Repair

Apple MacBook Liquid Damaged Logic Board
MacBook Pro 2020 Logic Board Repair Montreal
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Apple MacBook Repair in Montreal

In Montreal we replace batteries for all Apple MacBooks: MacBook Pro 2015 Repair, MacBook Pro 2016 Battery Service, MacBook Pro 2017 Battery Replacement, MacBook Pro 2018 Repair in Montreal, MacBook Pro 2019, MacBook Pro 2020, Apple MacBook Pro 2020 Repair

We repair and replace Apple Mac screen in Montreal. There are some cases for the following models screen stop working without dropping them or pouring  water on them: Apple MacBook Retina 2015, Apple MacBook Retina 2016, Apple MacBook Retina 2017, Apple MacBook Retina 2018, Apple MacBook Retina 2019. MacBook Air 2015, MacBook Air 2017, MacBook Air 2019 and MacBook Air 2020. Those models are assembled with short LCD flex cables and in some case we can repair the Apple MacBook screen flickering or black screen.

If you split water or coffee on your MacBook Pro, MacBook Retina, MacBook Air touchpad. We highly recommend that you turn off your Apple MacBook device and bring it to a MacBook Repair Shop. Under your touchpad resides your MacBook Battery

Every year the Apple inc company manufactures the iMacs screens to prevent repair shops from opening them easily. The Apple iMac 2019, Apple iMac 2020, The Apple iMac 2021 glass/screen has very strong adhesive tape and it is very difficult to teardown. Like many devices, every computer has a premature manufacturer defect on one of their components, Hard disk Replacement, LCD cable meltdown or internal dust cleaning. Many clients brought in their iMacs for repair after their attempt of opening the screen on their own. Many cables were snapped and cracked screen which cost them 4x more than the repair they're trying to attempt on their own. We don't recommend opening your Apple iMac 2017 or iMac 2019 27" specially the Apple iMac 21" 2020. Contact us!