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experts in all Laptop brands: 

Apple MacBooks, iMac, Mac mini, HP Laptops and Pcs, Dell, Toshiba, Alienware Gaming Laptops, ASUS ROG Laptops and Motherboards, Lenovo Carbon X1, Yoga and IdeaPad, Sony Vaio, LG Computers, Gigabyte Gaming laptops and Motherboards, Razor Blade 14 & 15 Gaming laptop repairs.  We fix broken laptop hinges and screens (LCD) for all models, Touchscreens and more..

If you're looking for building new custom PCs, give us a call to consider your options, heavy and lite gamers.

Dell XPS 13 & 15 screen replacement. HP Screen Repair, Asus ROG Screen replacement, Lenovo Screen Replacement in stock


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Is your computer or laptop slow, is your laptop keyboard broken, broken LCD screen, laptop touchscreen broken, not charging, missing data, or virus removal is needed. We can fix your computer or laptop in Montreal, and you will not have to put a deposit down to get any repairs if you keep your laptop or PC in our store . In fact, you will receive a free loaner laptop for that period.

Power Jack Repair

This is a common problem for most laptops when the laptop is plugged and the battery shows on battery. Most cases is because your jack is broken, your laptop will hardly charge or turn on, turn off when slightly moved (if your battery is not charged), or charge only when connected to power at a certain angle position.

We Repair all Makes and Models of Laptop Computers

Love for your Laptops is so easy; in this generation we depend on them so much. If they are dropped and banged up so for that reason hard disks do get damaged more frequently than a desktop as PC cases are bigger and heavier.

Laptops often overheat the fibbers from our clothes or bed sheets and linen get trapped inside your computer or your pet fur and eventually need to be vacuumed out by a professional to take your laptop computer apart and clean-up the lint that has collected.

We can assist you online, On-site, or in our computer store.

All Brands of Computers Repaired. We fix all computer problems.

MSI Laptop Brand Repairs

Toshiba Repairs

Acer Repairs

ASUS Repairs

Lenovo Repairs

Samsung Repairs

Dell Repairs

Fix Mac Computers

Custom Built Computers Dual Mac and PC together in one machine.

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Apple MacBook Service
Be assured that we can fix any MacBook Apple laptop and PC no matter what the damages are.

Data Recovery Service in Montreal
Our data recovery in Montreal offers SAS 3.5" Sata hard disk recovery, MacBook SSD data recovering in Montreal,

We Custom Build PCs
Your imagination will be reality! We can deliver! GTX 3090 GPUs, i7 Processors, LED light installation and design and more!!